Richard Fussenegger, MSc

Hi, I’m Richard.

I’m a web developer, creative programmer and hobby designer focused on cutting edge web technologies and minimalist design works. My work experience includes a lot of work on personal experiments and some other projects. I’m currently attending the “MultiMedia Technology” master curriculum at the FH Salzburg (that’s in Austria). Before that I graduated at the FH JOANNEUM in Kapfenberg (Styria, Austria) as bachelor of science in the “Internet technology” degree program. Have a look at my résumé for a detailed record.

My well known pseudonym on the web is Fleshgrinder, which I use nearly everywhere since I’ve been active on the web. The name derives from a Mexican grindcore band, yeah I liked Metal a lot when I was a teenager. I’m no metal head, but I still enjoy listening to a few bands. However, today I’m mainly listening to Post Rock and music is playing a big role in my life. Same applies to movies. In my opinion both are in their own ways the maximum in creativity one can go for. Especially movies, as they combine everything else into a single big product of art.

Personally I prefer to stay in the background, so I don’t like standing in front of a camera and I’m not really interested in producing or directing movies of my own. And I’m not able to create music of my own, I played drums in my childhood but that’s another story. I’m more the creative guy when it comes down to interface and web design. That’s also what I’m mostly interested in.

I love programming and I love the challenge you face if you have an idea in your mind and want to realize it. I love typography and working with images (especially vector based images). But I’m no real photographer at the same time. I prefer the electronic way in all means. I’m a true fan of minimalist arts and designs. Something I’m always trying to achieve with my own works (like this site). Therefore I love Apple design (but still refuse to buy their products), or Bauhaus related works, or Swiss Style typography.

As you might have already guessed from the extensive linking above, I’m a huge Wikipedia fan (a so called Wikipedian). I did a lot of stuff there, mainly in the SVG section at the German Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, but currently don’t have the time or the muse to help out.

I think that’s enough for now. For an overview of my past projects head over to bobdo, my personal project website.

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